Appstract Inventions
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Appstract Inventions is a human knowledge application company.
We make innovative tools to explore and sculpt domain interaction.
Bring us your dream!


Appstract R&D is led by Stu B. (LinkedIn, Twitter) known by his online handles "Stu Btwotwo" === "Stu B22"
Stu's tech blog => Outside The Rectangle

Transparent Composition => Authorable AI

  1. Strong Types = Express knowledge as formal structure
  2. Pure Functions = Scale reliably, using stateless compute elements
  3. Explicit Schemas = Define your domain data clearly, in alignment with public specifications
  4. Symbolic Maths = Leverage powerful math expressions (algebra, calculus, diff-eqs) across analysis ecosystems
  5. Interactive Adjustments = Empower humans to filter, tweak, and experiment
  6. Verified Proofs = Validate formal system constraints during build

Open source tools

Active open source libraries (scala, RDF, JS) available on github

OutRect blog 2020 highlights

Open science examples

(OpenSci notebooks are on GitLab, while OpenSrc projects are on GitHub)