Appstract Inventions
  apply your knowledge

Appstract Inventions is a human knowledge application company.
We make innovative tools to explore and sculpt your domains.
Bring us your dream!


Appstract R&D is led by Stu B. (LinkedIn, Twitter) known by his online handle "Stu Btwotwo".

Transparent Composition => Authorable AI

  1. Strong Types = Match structural categories, often automatically or implicitly
  2. Pure Functions = Scale reliably using stateless compute elements
  3. Explicit Schemas = Define your domain, aligned with public specifications, e.g.: OpenMath, FIBO,
  4. Symbolic Maths = Leverage powerful expressions (incl. algebra, calculus, diff-eqs) compatible with Wolfram language and SymPy
  5. Interactive Adjustments = Empower humans to filter, tweak, and experiment
  6. Upstream Proofs = Verify formal system constraints during build

Open Source foundation

Latest open source libraries are hosted on github:

Open Science horizon

Some current (2019) open domain model work is on gitlab: (Remember, GitLab is not the same site as GitHub!)